Short description

Natur Jet assists the application of the Natur Micro soil conditioner.
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With Natur Jet adapters, the application of Natur Micro can be implemented in one go, together with the soil work, in a cost-effective and efficient way. The application adapter is compatible with the farming machines, and the application of Natur Micro can be realised with reduced amount of water (40-60 l / ha).

When constructing, we have kept in mind the variable working width of the machines, so it can be requested in different versions, even a quantitative discount can be taken into consideration.

How to use it?

Based on the practical experience of our partners, it can be said that the installation of the Natur Jet spraying kit is problem free. An assembly instruction is included with the device in the unit package. Feedback shows that if one follows the guidance, it usually takes 1-2 hours for the professionals, and 3-4 hours for the less skilled to fix Natur Jet on a disc, a combiner, a compactor or on a direct seeder.

Life expectancy, Product Support

The life expectancy of the kit is approx. 250-300 hours (which can be increased by several times with the replacement of the nozzles) – if one strictly adheres to maintenance and cleaning regulations (we recommend using tank washer / preservative liquids in the future).

We are continually improving the system, whereby we are counting on your possible comments and suggestions, as the main goal of the tool is to make farmers work faster and more cost-effectively.

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