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In 2002, the four of us launched our business with the aim of introducing products into crop production practices, which are worthwhile but were abandoned in the absence of professional and sales backgrounds, thereby helping to spread environmentally friendly but effective technologies and solutions.

We were motivated by the recognition that as a result of intensive farming practices, irreversible or very slowly reversible processes are triggered in the soils and the environment: the decline of soil life, a significant reduction in water retention and regenerative capacity, an increasingly widespread deficiency of microelements, etc.

From the very beginning, it was an important aspect that not only the products we sell should bring new impulses to plant cultivation practice, but our working methods and attitudes show a new direction in agriculture and in the economy as well.

During our work, reality does not leave us untouched whereby our product portfolio is constantly changing. These changes always represent a significant step forward, both professionally and economically, and our new and upgraded products are constantly being displayed. At the same time, our turnover and our staff increased significantly.

This intensive building can be accomplished by considering our vision not just a trendy formality but we sense it and live it through. This means in our practice that we invest all possible resources into research, development of new products and quality assurance, as well as on the improvement of manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, we try not to raise our prices or just raise them to a minimal extent in order to make our products available as widely as possible and to make you more and more tangible income.

Because we believe that natural way is more profitable!

We also believe that the concept of sustainability exists not only in crop production and environmental protection, but also in economic life, that is, a business relationship will last long only if it is predictable and profitable for all parties involved. As far as we are concerned, we make every effort to ensure that your relationship with us could be seamless, predictable and effective.

If you have any comments concerning our work, please, share it with us, whatever it is. It will certainly be instructive for us.

Thank you very much,

Sincerely yours

Team Natur Agro