MONO Additives

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MONO additives contain an increased dose of nutrients to supplement Natur Plasma and Natur Active stock regimens.
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Targeted nutrition supplementation based on measurements

Some nutrients play a prominent role in the healthy development of crops, in certain life stages. For these requirements, we recommend MONO nutrient additives to supplement our Natur Plasma and Natur Active stock regimen products. MONO additives contain a significantly increased dose of the necessary nutrients.

Leaf analysis (plant sampling)

The most accurate and most assured means to determine the nutrients (weeks) a plant might be lacking in a given life-cycle, is leaf analysis (plant sample). Samples taken from the stock are tested and evaluated in specialized, independent, accredited laboratories.

Based on the results measured, it is possible to find out what kind of MONO nutrient additive is needed to supplement the treatment with Natur Plasma and Natur Active.

To perform proper plant sampling, click here for detailed instructions.

Example of a leaf analysis by an accredited lab:

Do you already have leaf analysis results?

If you already have leaf analysis results, we recommend our online leaf analysis program which helps you understand and interpret the rating you received.

By entering the test results in the appropriate data fields, you can get a textual evaluation of nutritional deficiencies of your plants, thereby you can choose the right regimens.

MONO additives for Natur Plasma and Natur Active stock-regimen products

MONO Magnesium Mg 63 g/l N 72 g/l MgO 90 g/l
MONO Calcium Cs 212 g/l N 148 g/l CaO 300,2 g/l
MONO Copper Cu 69,5 g/l S 34 g/l
MONO Zinc Zn 120 g/l S 59,4 g/l
MONO Manganese Mn 65 g/l S 37 g/l
MONO Bor B 40 g/l

MONO additive-enriching nutritional solutions

MONO Sulphur K2O 91 g/l S 75 g/l
MONO Potassium K2O 85 g/l N 25 g/l
MONO Phosphorus P2O5 150 g/l N 35 g/l