Short description

Natur Forte is a concentrated soil treatment product containing several types of microorganisms and fungi that improve the structure of the soil and provide a significant amount of nutrients and produce growth stimulants for the plant.
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The same effect in concentrated form

The composition of Natur Forte is based on the supplemented, modified basis of Natur Micro two-component microbiological preparation.

The advantage of Natur Forte lies in the concentration of the product. There is a higher number of germs (bacteria: 1 x 109 pcs / cm3, fungi: 5 x 106 pcs / cm3) compared to Natur Micro in terms of each microbiological component having the advantage that fewer doses per unit-area are enough. Transporting, mixing and applying smaller amounts of material is also simpler and more economical so the costs per hectare can be optimized.

The solution also contains Trichoderma fungi strains.

Why choose Natur Forte concentrated soil inoculator?

  • It has has all the beneficial effects of Natur Micro, but in concentrated form.
  • Due to the concentrated composition, the amount of application and the time required for the preparation of the application are reduced.
  • It helps simplify works related to soil management.
  • It contains Trichoderma asperellum hyperparasitic fungi.

Natur Forte contains microbial strains responsible for the following tasks

Microbial strains Nitrogen Binding Phosphorus mobilization Promotion of plant growth

Helps immunity against fungi

Help fighting insect pests
Cellvibrio flavescens Bacteria germ number:
1 x 109
Paenibacillus polymyxa X X X
Bacillus megaterium X
Azotobacter chroococcum X X
Trichoderma asperellum Fungi germ number:
5 x 106
Phanerochaete chrysosporium X
Metarhizium anisopliae X

How effective is it?

Experimental results by Hungarian National Food-safety Office 2016
Test location: Tiszalök, Szabolcs county, Hungary
Vegetable culture: Sunflower, NK Neoma

The Natur Forte product clearly has a good effect on both plant height, thousand grain weight, and head diameter growth. It yielded a much higher average crop as compared to untreated parcels. Statistically it can be verified that the composition has a positive impact on the increase of the crop average.


The use of Natur Forte is especially recommended for arable crops, but it can be used for all crops. The two-component composition consists of a bacterial and a fungi component.

  • The recommended dose is 2 + 1 (bacteria + fungus) litre / ha or double dose, 4 + 2 litres / ha.
  • The two components must be thoroughly mixed and homogenized before use..
  • Natur Forte soil inoculator agent should be applied diluted with water..


This soil inoculator enriched with bacteria and fungi is recommended to be sprayed with field sprayers or specially designed Natur Jet sprayers providing immediate working into the ground, which are marketed by our company and then rotated it into the soil. It is recommended to carry out the process in a windless, non-too-hot day

With field sprayer:

  • For 1 hectare mix 2 + 1 litre (or double dose, 4 + 2 litres) Natur Forte
  • to be applied diluted in at least in 200 litres of water
  • after application, rotate it into the soil as soon as possible

With Natur JET:

  • For 1 hectare mix 2 + 1 litre (or double dose, 4 + 2 litres) Natur Forte
  • to be applied diluted in at least in 40-60 litres of water and rotate it into the soil

Suggested conditions for application

  • Spray it in a wind-free period of time when there is no strong sunshine, at a temperature of 10-20˚C.
  • Preferably, the sprayed solution is to be applied to damp soil. Rotate it into the soil as soon as possible, preferably in one go with the application, but not later than within 24 hours.

Shelf life

In original, sealed packaging for 6 months.
Store in a dry, covered place at a temperature of up to around 5 ° C.

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